High Temp Masking Supply Tumbler & Thermal Cup Powder Coating Masking Stand


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  • $ 42.95

Don't struggle to get professional results with your powder coated cup projects.  This solid steel stand allows you to keep the inside of the cup clean while maintaining an excellent ground for powder transfer efficiency.  The built-in ground tab is easily bent up to accept your ground clamp without being in the way.  No turntable needed either, the rod rotates 360º so you can access all sides of the cup.  Easily pick up the cup and remove your masking plug before going in the oven to keep the plug clean.  The base is cut from thick 16 gauge steel for years of use in tough environments.  The 1/2" diameter rod is 12" long to accept any size cup but can be cut to size with a hacksaw to fit your oven if needed.  All parts are fully welded and proudly made in the USA.

The optional "Deluxe Kit" includes our popular 7 Piece Cup Plug Kit with seven pre-drilled plugs to fit any style drinkware with an opening between 1.875" and 4".  You'll also receive a steel plug bracket and 3 screws to help remove the plugs without touching the cup.

The Deluxe Kit includes one each of the following size stopper plugs:

  • #11 - Blue - Bottom: 1.875", Top: 2.203", Height: 1.00"
  • #12 - Red - Bottom: 2.125", Top: 2.500", Height: 1.00"
  • #13 - Blue - Bottom: 2.281", Top: 2.687", Height: 1.00"
  • #13.5 - Purple - Bottom: 2.437", Top: 2.953", Height: 1.375"
  • #13.7 - Teal - Bottom: 2.667", Top: 3.228", Height: 1.375"
  • #14 - White - Bottom: 3.00", Top: 3.500", Height: 1.50"
  • #15 - Red - Bottom: 3.250", Top: 4.00", Height: 1.50"

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